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Blossoming progressive dance producer and devotee to genre figurehead Lane 8 - Atlanta raised paraleven makes a valiant return to the thoughtfully curated This Never Happened label.


International DJ, progressive trance musician and host of Progressions Radio show Patryk Solecki AKA Andromedha utilizes APRICITYpress for new releases and content


The Dutch DJ duo is eager to deliver what has become a staple sound throughout mainland Europe to the ears of North American dance fans

They take to the road Spring 2019 - destination North America and are utilizing APRICITYpress services to assure that the good word falls upon the right ears

Vintage & Morelli

"Hymn to the Night", the sophomore studio album from the prolific progressive producer is set for release July 5th, 2019 via pioneering progressive label SILK Music

SILK Music

SILK Music utilizes APRICITYpress bespoke press services for dance music release and artist campaigns


Representing progressive dance music at its' finest, Dezza is presenting his debut artist album 'Cosmos' on deep-prog label Colorize, press duties served via APRICITYpress


Colorize is the authentic, deep progressive imprint of esteemed dance label Enhanced Music

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