Introducing Visa Support Services, where press campaigns are derived, forecasted and executed for international talent. By design, these campaigns develop the artist’s publicity profile in the North American media landscape with the prerogative of serving globetrotting talent who have their sights set on touring the United States within the next calendar year.

When in the throws of the O-1, P-1 & P-2 Artist, Performer and Entertainer Visa application process, APRICITY is qualified and able to swiftly guide clients in compiling the necessary supportive documentation for the visa application. Focused media engagements and PR initiatives generate quality press that furthers overall talent exposure objectives and supports the performers industry credibility.

Press secured is evidenced through provided supportive documentation that the US Embassy identifies as pivotal in the determination whether the artist or act's relevance is globally renowned enough to perform in the United States.

Campaign results shed exposure and demonstrate an artist's market relevancy in North America and beyond. Results are presented alongside exclusive, high-quality, metric centric, comprehensive reporting systems in-tandem with supportive, validating documentation from the agency that has proven crucial in the application process for securing qualified artists appropriate working visas to perform in the United States.

We are proud to be the first PR agency in the dance music industry to coin and offer dynamic supplementary services that aid in the talent's grand scheme international development.

Inquire about your international talent and their Visa needs and let's start a conversation on how we can best be of support.

APRICITYdomestic: Filing, Agency and Sponsorship

APRICITY is an eligible, qualified business working across the global media, music and entertainment industries. We are excited to be eligible providers of filing support roles beyond that of our familiar press and media development services to our international artist clients.

We are equipped to provide domestic agency and domestic sponsorship to aid in streamlining the process of efficiently securing the O1, P1 & P2 Visas to enter the United States and work as a touring performer.

Every artist, act and touring plan is unique - we would be thrilled to explore what roles APRICITY has the capacity to assume in your ventures to secure suitable authorization to enter and perform the United States.

For fine tuning, extenuating circumstances and application finalization we proudly consult with CoveyLaw in New York, who boast a wealth of experience in the legal needs of the international artist community and actively engage with the dance music space.

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