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Press Services

The signature full-service PR suite of services is inclusive of campaign consultation, forecasting, development, and execution. Our campaigns put artists, record labels, events and brands in a thoughtful, well-curated spotlight across digital, print, new media, and contemporary platforms.

Media targets and campaign goals are carefully considered to further clients’ ultimate profile building and exposure goals. Custom target publication pools, opportunities, and media engagements are creatively derived, planned, and pitched from campaign conception based on ambitious, yet realistic coverage forecasting on where placements likely can be secured. 

By utilizing a unique, creative, open ended approach to campaign structure and and services, the work we deliver is attentive, dynamic, and personalized based on the goals identified and what is needed to achieve them.

Artist Media Development

We form long-term partnerships that involve career mapping, brand coaching, and media development services to develop the identity and profile of emerging artists.

With unrivaled storytelling abilities, we work intimately with teams over extended periods to uncover and craft the story behind the project. By positioning the brands of artists authentically, we tell the stories of our clients in meaningful, sustainable ways. 

Our relationships with media and the industry at-large ensure continued growth, awareness, engagement, and establishment for clients within their space.

Event + Festival PR

Full-scale event and festival press campaigns with meticulous attention and hands-on involvement, seeing to it that the event is well represented across coveted national and internationally reaching publications, alongside thoughtfully selected regional outlets. 

With extensive experience in providing a breadth of different event services, from seasonal artist tours to large-scale and boutique festivals with needs both on and off-site, our team is both seasoned and authentically passionate about the success of each event.

Campaign objectives are assessed during consultation, where goals such as target audience, scale of visibility, suitable regional, local, and national publications, types of audience engagements, and more are established.

Beyond securing meaningful press, our team provides support in securing and navigating more extensive media partnerships. We have relationships across mainstream, lifestyle, music, trade, and mainstream media to achieve objectives that boost event awareness, support event reputation, and develop event identity within a competitive space of organizers.

Image Consulting

Brand image direction, or personal artist image services ranging from in-house styling and wardrobe services; to web presence management and design referrals. 

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